Entrepreneurial Summer School – kick-off meeting

— Kristína Jurčišinová

One of the project partners – The Arts and The Theatre Institute (ATI) hosted the first meeting in April 2014. The ATI is a state-funded organization founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Entrepreneurial Summer School – kick-off meeting

Illustration photo, credits: freepik.com/Designed by Freepik

Its mission is to provide the Czech and international public with a comprehensive range of services in the field of theatre and individual services connected to other branches of the arts (music, literature, dance and visual arts). The ATI collects objects and work relating to the theatre, processes and provides access to them, pursues research, initiates and participates in international projects, and publishes scholarly work. The ATI is also the headquarters of the Czech Office of the EU Culture Programme.

Except the basic project duties and coordination activities, including:
  - Setting-up precise work plan (project timeline, tasks, responsibilities and expectations of project partners )
  - Defining of an effective tools to meet project goals
  - Discussing the destinations and expected benefits of study visits

We had met the representative of the CENTRES project (Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools). The project creates a European forum for issues relating to entrepreneurship education specific to creative industries and for sharing innovation and best practice in this field. All of the partners involved in the consortium see a need for increased international networking and a combined European approach, which are currently lacking. The CENTRES project is carried out in Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Slovenia and the UK.

The chance to meet people, who are behind the project to discuss future goals and aims of this very ambitious project, helped us to better understand the situation and problems connected with the desired increase of the employability of university graduates within the creative disciplines.

We also received useful information about upcoming 22nd ENCATC Annual Conference held in Brno and we have decided to contact the organizers of the conference and inform them about our project and its goals to see if there is a chance to present our project at the conference.

Image credits: Designed by Freepik

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